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14 Kristina Bracero and Kellen Kartub



When they were first-year roommates in Tower, their goal was to eat at every food station in Faneuil Hall. When they were seniors, their goal was to see the Boston Symphony Orchestra play the Brahms Symphony #4. In between, Kellen planned the Wellesley choir’s spring tour, worked in a research lab developing an anti- cancerous compound, and became a Pilates instructor in our recreation program. Kristina was an intern at The Davis Museum, joined the Wellesley in Washington program, spent two semesters in Greece, and became the house president of Tower. Kristina now works on a legal team at JPMorgan Chase; Kellen is now developing plasmonic materials in a graduate research program at the University of California Irvine. They’re both Class of 2014. This is how great friendships—and great alumnae networks—are born.