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98 Abby Harrison, doing the (almost) impossible

Wellesley College student, Abby Harrison, known as Astronaut Abby, poses for a photo for the 501(c)(3) nonprofit that she founded, The Mars Generation

She’s into dance, music, diving, acting, rugby, long distance running, and 3D printing. She’s studied Russian and Chinese. She did fieldwork in Wellesley’s Lake Baikal program in Siberia. She wrote a book. Oh, and she started the Mars Generation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that gets young students engaged with space and STEAM. “Landing humans on Mars is the next stepping stone for humanity in space exploration. It’s just hard enough to make it nearly impossible, but still doable. It will push our boundaries, challenge the things we believed to be true about our universe, and allow us to make life on Earth better. But in order to make this possible, we need to ensure that the generation growing up today is inspired and supported in pursuing STEAM education.” Currently a scientific researcher at the Jackson Lab at Harvard Medical School. Class of 2019.