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76 Dominique Hazzard, getting it done

Wellesley College alumna, Dominique Hazzard, smiles, posing for a portait

A thousand times more interesting than this tiny box of text can convey. Spent five years working for food justice. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in history at Johns Hopkins (and a curtorial assistant for the Smithsonian's Anacostia Community Museum), building on research she did for her senior thesis at Wellesley. Speaking of which: “You know that feeling when you’ve been staring at your computer for so long that your own writing starts to look like gibberish? That was me, at the end of senior year, with my thesis. It was due in two days, and nothing seemed to be coming together. I had a sudden realization that I would never be able to finish in time on my own. Panicked, I put out a bat signal to several campus listervs asking for help. Within hours a team of ten people had assembled—one proofreader and one citation editor for each of my five chapters—and by the next day everything was done. A few members of #TeamThesis were my close friends, but most were not. I barely knew some of them. That moment stays with me. It represents the spirit of the Wellesley community. I saw that spirit in action over and over again as a student, and now as an alumna.” Class of 2012.